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Marketing Survey

Customers know what they want, do you? Find out with smart online surveys.

Online surveys for marketers

Marketing, for all its complexity, is the process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements. As marketers, you'll know a successful business or brand will never guess these requirements. So, how much do you know about your customers? How aware of your brand is your target market? How successful are your competitors? With our user-friendly online survey software you can find out. We're here to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your marketing efforts, rather than educated guesses.

How to use online surveys in your marketing

Online surveys are an invaluable marketing tool as they take the guesswork out of your important marketing decisions. The market research, competitor analysis, brand awareness, product and campaign feedback you need comes straight from the most important source - your target market. Here are some of the key benefits and functions of online marketing su.

Target market research

Discover what drives, motivates and satisfies your target market by conducting online surveys. Unearth insights that could help shape your marketing strategies, campaigns, advertising messaging, pricing and sales plans. If you need some help reaching your target market, our Consumer Panels can help. We have over 7 million people waiting to provide responses to your survey, fast.

Analyse your competitors

Do you know who your competitors are? By using a market research survey you can ask your target market who they buy from when they need a service or product in your industry. Do some digging to find out why your competition is getting market share and how you can compete.

Measure your brand awareness

What makes your business or product stand out from the crowd or disappear behind competitors? Chances are it will have a lot to do with your brand. Everything from your name, logo and colour palette to personality, reputation and values can affect how you're perceived by your target market. Conduct an online brand survey to see how your brand measures up.

Test new campaigns, advertising and concepts

Are you sure your new TV ad will pack a punch? That the upcoming marketing campaign will engage your target market? Don't waste time and money on an idea that might flop, conduct an online concept testing survey prior to launch. With a small group of your target market use A/B testing to find out which creative is strongest, what tagline resonates best, and if your marketing message is clearly received.